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[Antigua & Barbuda] Best Western Premier

Best Western Premier Hotel

By the end of 2016, along the southwest coast of Antigua, the Best Western Premier was officially built. The brand-new hotel with 123 rooms, 5 floors and 4 star standard is made by the well-known development team serving the important tourist market.

The Best Western Premier Hotel will provide high quality services under the management of Trust Hospitality, catering to both business and leisure travelers, and will bring significant returns to investors.

Development projects are recognized by the A & B government through a Antigua & Barbuda citizenship investment program, and investors who meet the qualification criteria may qualify for nationality.

Once the work is complete the development team will move on to other stages of the project including residential and commercial areas around the St. Paul Hotel Complex. Mary Court.

Best Western 2Location

The Best Western Premier, at St Mary’s Court, is conveniently located just 30 minutes drive from V.C Bird International Airport and 20 minutes from St. John’s.

Situated on the southwestern coast of the island, known as the “Golden Beach” with numerous beaches, is a convenient location for hotels because of its many beaches, restaurants with diverse cuisines world-famous nightclubs, and near the Jolly Harbor with many commercial and recreational services.

Best WesternPartnership
  • Best Western International is a leading partner in the hospitality industry with many prestigious awards and accolades in the world.
  • Trust Hospitality with more than 25 years of experience in project development.
Investment In Project:
  • Investment capital: 400,000 USD
  • Investors will be committed to 4% profit over the first 5 years.
  • After the first five years, investors will receive a percentage of net profit (50%) after deducting management and administration expenses.
  • The hotel is approved by the Government to participate in the Citizenship program

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To find out more information about real estate projects and immigration procedure, please contact Thien Tu via hotline: 0914 980 777 – (028) 3915 1679

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