Unskilled Worker Program | EB-3

Unskilled Worker Program | EB-3

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The U.S. Immigration Programs | EB-3

EB-3 is a program approved by the US Immigration Department, which attract labor for economic development in areas with labor shortages in the United States.

This program allows the applicant to become a permanent resident of the United States (green card) by engaging in full-time and permanent work at a legitimate US corporation.

Participants must meet the health requirements for full-time and non-seasonal work in the United States.

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Applicants may have less than two years of work or training experience, be accompanied by a family (including spouse and children under 21 years old, unlimited number) with unconditional permanent resident status.

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  • Individual over 18 years old
  • No need for financial proof
  • No need for proof of proficiency or work experience
  • Commitment to work at a unit in the United States at least one year after the settlement is approved
  • Green cards for the whole family: you and your family ( the spouse and your children under 21 ) will receive the unconditional Green Cards after several months arriving in U.S. EB3 is the program that you are able to obtain Green Card fastest and the most effective.
  • Free Education in U.S: your children will join the free education system up to 18 years old, they have much more opportunities to approach and experience the diverse cultures and American Education without being apart from their parents
  • Stable jobs with sufficient incomes for your family at the very first months in U.S: For EB-3 Visa, you are allowed to start working as soon as settling in U.S.Moreover, you are also provided with the excellent welfare state as the U.S citizens:

–          No travel restriction inside and outside U.S

–          Freely investing or running any kinds of business

–          Owning houses, transportation or anything as the U.S citizens

–          Provided almost civil rights as the U.S citizens excepting voting.

  • Low fees: EB-3 program has no net worth requirement with simple procedures compared to other programs
  • U.S Citizenship: After 5 years of settlement, your family would have opportunity to become U.S citizens.
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