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During the process of joining the program in Thien Tu, I am very happy and satisfied because I choose the right counseling service for me and my family. From the Director to the staffs, all of them are really enthusiastic. They accompany and help us a lot to integrate with new life in a strange country.

Ms. Trần Võ Yến Vy
  • Royal S.Paulo Hotel – Vila Viçosa | Portugal

    ROYAL S. PAULO HOTEL, VILLAS & SPA – PORTUGAL Vila Viçosa – Historic Town is one of the rare places to witness the most important moments in the history of Portugal. Not far from the crowded capital of Lisbon and the Spanish border. A promising destination for tourism development and a stopover for travelers between

    September 28, 2018
  • Troia Resort – Peninsula Troia | Portugal

    TROIA RESORT – PORTUGAL Troia – The luxurious resort is formed from a 13-mile sandy beach with quiet pine forests and some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. In addition, the pristine scenery of the island is also attracting many tourists to resort and discovery every year. The Troia Islands have pristine white sand

    September 28, 2018
  • Palacio Do Comercio – Porto | Portugal

    PALACIO DO COMERCIO – PORTUGAL Porto – Romantic Spot is considered the “informal capital” of Portugal. Renowned for its modern industrial city, it retains many scenic mountains, charming rivers, ancient streets and rich cuisine. The cost of living in the city is relatively low, the friendly environment, which is suitable for families planning to settle

    September 28, 2018
  • Douradores One – Lisbon | Portugal

    DOURADORES ONE – PORTUGAL Lisbon – The City of Seven Hills is known as one of the most attractive ancient cities in Europe. The mild and pleasant weather is suitable for both domestic and foreign tourists who can regularly explore Lisbon at any time of the year. The typical climate of the Mediterranean region, with

    September 27, 2018

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