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During the process of joining the program in Thien Tu, I am very happy and satisfied because I choose the right counseling service for me and my family. From the Director to the staffs, all of them are really enthusiastic. They accompany and help us a lot to integrate with new life in a strange country.

Ms. Trần Võ Yến Vy


Portugal – The oldest country in Europe

Portugal, a member of the European Union, has more than 10 million inhabitants and an area of 92,000 km2, proud of the oldest in Europe, where traditional and modern culture in perfect harmony.

Portugal has the best settlement program for foreign investors, called the Golden Visa – the easily and quickly gateway to Europe. This offer is not only a safe investment opportunities but also a great place to live and enjoy … with unique nature, rich culture, high quality medical system. Portugal is one of the safest nations in the world (ranked No. 4 Global Peace Index 2018).

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“Portugal passport is one of the highest rated passports, visa-free to 160 countries (ranked No. 5 power passports in the world 2018).”

General information

Tongquanb N


Chinhtrib N


GDP PER CAPITA (2017)29.422 USD
MAJOR ECONOMIC SECTORServices, Industry, Agriculture

Investment & Immigration Programs in Portugal

1. For attracting direct investments and new global citizens (except for EU citizens), in October 2012, the Portuguese government promulgated new laws and regulations on the grant of residency and Portuguese citizens for investors.

2. Golden Visa allows the investor to live in Portugal, and travel freely in Schengen area.

3. It is one of the most attractive programs to be settled in Europe. The requirements are simple and clear, minimum number of days in Portugal is ideal for business people (7 days a year).

Portugal's ranking in the world

No. 5 – World’s most powerful passport

No. 4 – Global Peace Index

No. 10 – Most visited countries in the world

No. 9 – Cultural heritage by UNESCO

No. 24 – Best Country in the world

No. 36 – International population index Knight Frank (Piri)

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