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[Grenada] Kimpton Kawana Bay Project



Situated in a quiet location at the end of Grand Anse Beach, Kawana Bay owns one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, in the Top 30 of “100 Best Beaches in the World” according to CNN Travel (2017).

Matura is the second phase of the Kimpton Kawana Bay project, right on the beach. Includes 7 luxury suites (part of the property) and 44 studio rooms. Sale price from $ 350,000.

Kiawah is Phase III of the project with 18 Suite rooms and 42 Studio rooms with more property ownership options including: co-owns 2 investors, co-owns 3 investors and sole proprietors. Ownership is permanent and independentKbud7l1mt6tnkwhu1zco 170206 Kawana Bay Morning R18


The project has an impressive sea view and cozy space – The ladder-style design blends gracefully into the unique hillside landscape and contemporary architecture combined with natural landscapes to create an unspoiled paradise. jar in Grenada

Services can only be found at Kimpton Kawana Bay: marine sports activities, children’s programs; The rooftop terrace is perfect for evening parties; lively beach bars, upscale spa and gym. 24/7 room service and 24/7 security for a comfortable stay.Viber Image


Kimpton Kawana Bay mentioned by President Donald Trump in a speech at the World Economic Forum (Davos – 26/01/2018) is a great investment opportunity in Grenada. Operated by the InterContinental Hotel Group, Kawana Bay offers lifetime ownership, no annual service fees and potential rental income for real estate investors, and unlimited benefits for citizenship. Second, become a Grenada resident with E-2 visa privileges.Kawanabay 1Kawanabay 2

To find out more information about real estate projects and immigration procedure, please contact Thien Tu via hotline: 0914 980 777 – (028) 3915 1679

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