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Portugal | Non-Investment Immigration Program

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During the process of joining the program in Thien Tu, I am very happy and satisfied because I choose the right counseling service for me and my family. From the Director to the staffs, all of them are really enthusiastic. They accompany and help us a lot to integrate with new life in a strange country.

Ms. Trần Võ Yến Vy

Portugal | Non-Investment Immigration Program

Portugal – an EU member and in Schengen area – the nation with the most wonderful climate for Asian people (the climate of Portugal is warmest in Europe). High living standard, Excellent medical system and great education system.

Besides the immigration program of Golden Visa, Portugal also provides another immigration program which is very attractive to Non-EU Citizen.

Immigration without investment is not only offer the right for Non – EU Citizens to live and work in Portugal but also the opportunity to obtain the PR and Citizenship and access all the rights of EU citizens if all requirements are qualified.

thị trường bất động sản tại bồ đào nha
  • Clear criminal record
  • Documentary evidence of having a reasonable regular income:
    • Main Applicant: min 12,000 Euro/year;
    • Spouse: 6,000 Euro/year;
    • Dependent child: 3,600 Euro/year
  • Documentary evidence of having accommodation in Portugal
  • Visa valid for 1-2-2 years which means it will be renewed before being expired.
  • Qualify the time of residence in Portugal (min 4 months of the first year and 16 months of every two years)
  • No investment requirement and the processing time is very fast, around 6-8 months
  • Family (with spouse and children under 26) can join this program
  • Freely to work or run business and purchase properties
  • Option to become a “non-habitual resident” for 10 years
  • Freely travel in Schengen area
  • After 5 years of residency, can apply for PR and Citizenship of Portugal

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