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Spain | Non-Investment Immigration Program

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Anh và gia đình rất là vui mừng và chân thành cám ơn Thiên Tú sau khi có được quốc tịch Grenada và sau đó là visa định cư Mỹ, giờ đây các con của tôi có thể yên tâm học hành và tiếp cận môi trường sống chất lượng như nước Mỹ.

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Spain | Non-Investment Immigration Program

Spanish Government has currently welcomed international individuals to visit Spain under different types of visa from short-term (tourism visa, study visa,..) to long-term (permanent residency, citizenship) and it suits for various applicants.

One of these types of visa is known Residence Visa – The program is for any person who wish to visit Spain for long term purposes and the opportunity to obtain the Permanent Residency and Citizenship, the special point of this is no requirement of any investment.

Golden Visa Tbn

1. The main applicant and family do not perform any lucrative labor or work activities.

2. The main applicant has sufficient financial capacity to support himself / herself during the residence period he / she requires:

  • Proof of monthly income in a fixed form, such as from a trust fund or retirement fund.
  • Or show that the applicant has maintained a high enough average balance in his or her bank account for at least one year. Documents sent by the main applicant must show the bank account under the name of the principal applicant.

Minimum balance at the time of visa application or extension of authorization is as follows:

  • 2,151.36 EUR / month or 25,816,32 EUR / year
  • Plus about 550 EUR for each dependent family member accompanying

3. Other documents required for this visa are judicial record, medical certificate and insurance, etc.

Note: You cannot go to work in the first year but can transfer to the second year. Change your visa to a free business visa. We will assist you with all necessary information and procedures.

  • No requirement of investment
  • Fast processing time – around 6-8 months
  • Family (spouse and the dependent children) can enjoy together living in Spain
  • Access high living standard, health care system, education in Spain
  • After a year of residing, can work part-time jobs
  • After 5 years, can apply for Permanent Residency
  • After 10 years, can apply for citizenship of Spain
  • Spanish citizenship means have rights to enjoy other benefits of other EU nations as the locals.

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