Malta Residence Card

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Malta Residence and Visa Program - MRVP

MRVP firstly launched in 2015, revised in 2017 with more positive changes in conditions, is now one of the most prominent Europe immigration programs to attract many investors in the world, especially Asian investors.

The program allows global citizens to obtain residence within 3 to 4 months with a secure combined investment in Real Estate, Bonds and Contributions to the Government. The four-generation family of investors including grandparents, parents, spouses, and dependents who attend full-time school without age restrictions can apply for immigration.

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Malta residence card is valid for a lifetime and is not renewable every year! The process of applying for a permanent residence permit in Malta is extremely simple and can even be done remotely in the host country as Vietnam.

  • Proof of annual income not less than 100,000 Euro or fixed assets of not less than 500,000 Euro.
  • Non-refundable donation to the government of 30,000 Euro (additional 5,000 Euro for each dependent parent).
  • Purchase of 250,000 Euro Bonds (maturity of 5 years) or financing option of 85,000 Euro.
  • Purchase of real estate at least 270,000 – 320,000 Euro or minimum real estate lease of 10,000 – 12,000 Euro per year, maturity of 5 years (depending on the region).

Investment Package to Malta Residence & Visa Program:

  • Financing Package: 125.000 Euro (Renting Property) or 385.000 Euro (Buying Property)
  • Non-financing Package: 290.000 Euro (Renting Property) or 550.000 Euro (Buying Property)
  • Granting of residence card for 4 generations (live, study and work in Malta permanently).
  • Freedom of movement in the Schengen area – Europe
  • After 5 years of residence, you can apply for permanent resident status in the EU (live, work or study in European countries).
  • Applying for Malta citizenship after 7 years.
  • Safe, high quality of life, European Union membership and Schengen area.
  • No risk at investment when only complying the requirement after receiving the pre-approval decision .
  • English is the official language for easy life integration.
  • Free health care, high quality education in accordance with European standards.
  • Malta government bonds are rated A+ on the international credit rating Fitch Ratings (2017)

Thien Tu Consulting and Trading has many experience with the resident program in Malta with the following main points:

  • Success rate of 100%.
  • Processing time is very fast (3 – 4 months).
  • The criteria are extremely simple: no foreign language and education qualification

Step by Step Process

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