Immigration By Investment | EB-5

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Immigration By Investment | EB-5

EB-5 is a US immigration program in the form of investment approved by the US Congress in 1990, administered by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), to solve high unemployment or the economic slowdown of some local regions in USA.

In 2003, the US government allowed the projects in the Regional Centers to attract capital from many countries around the world, including Vietnam.

Trở thành công dân Mỹ

Each year, the US government spends 10,000 green cards (permanent visas) for the immigrant. Of which 3,000 green cards are assigned to investors participating in the project under the management of the Regional Center.

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To meet the requirements of the EB-5 program, investors not only need to prove that the investment in the project in the United States is legal, but also meet the two following requirements:

A) Requirements on investment capital sources

  • For key employment areas (High unemployment or rural areas) – TEA: Minimum investment is $ 500,000.
  • For other areas: Minimum investment $ 1 million

B) Job Creation Requirements

Create or maintain at least 10 full-time jobs for US citizens for two years where the investor is a conditional resident in the United States (or in Certain conditions are a reasonable period of time after two years)


Green cards are issued to applicants, legal spouses and the children under the age of 21.

  • Green card: you and your family (spouse and children under 21 – unlimited number) will receive conditional green card only after a few months stay in the United States. EB-5 is the visa category that helps you and your family get the green card quicker with the investment cost under government conditions.
  • Free education in the United States: Your children are able to access free education in the United States up to the age of 18, exposing early American culture and education without being away from home or parents.
  • Work and generate income at the first period of time in the United States: Under EB-5 visa, you can work as soon as you arrive in the United States. In addition, there are benefits only for Permanent Residents and Citizens: Immigrate to the United States at any time without having to obtain permission.
  • Running business, opening company.
  • Purchasing properties , car or anything that US citizens are allowed to own.
  • Enjoy all US citizens’ rights except the right to vote and to be voted.
  • US Citizenship: After 5 years of residence, your family has the opportunity to become a United States citizen.
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